023 Railroad Crane

Novelty 1966 - available until 1978

Railroad Crane green


Railroad crane, cabin Green, 2 cranks, including palette and log, Box size 215 x 80 x 90 mm high

the box lid without picture

An un-punched tin plate of front and rear sides of the green crane. The tin has a size of 70 x 52 cm and 55 pieces could be punched out of it.

complete crane

And the un-punched plate of the silver boom belonging to the 023 crane. Size 70 x 52 cm for 48 pieces. Crane House 095 black - 1.3.55 (MAR-01-1955)

Crane house BLUE - 2.3.55 (MAR-02-1955)

The original box with very nice lid picture. Same lid for the 023 Railroad Crane and 514 Crane Wagon ... ... just the Label was different. Quite interesting that the Label shows the Brick Basement.

lid for the 023 and 514 box

Label at the 023 rairoad crane
So we know now that the blue 095 Dock Yard Crane was available in 1955 - these here shown cranes came up much later. Biller simply used the old lithography-templates with different colors to produce another toy.
Then there was the version as shown below - appeared in the 1966 Novelty leaflet and the 1968/69 through 1971 catalogues, with the brick basement - thereafter again presenting the grey basement - but never appeared in reality - so far. If the bricks are just a wallpaper or are lithographed is not yet known
as seen in the 1966 Novelty sheet the result of some "home work" modesty panel underneath the base  
023 Kran with brick basement - home work 023 Kran with brick basement - home work ---  

Railroad Crane orange

The orange colored crane was never mentioned nor shown in any catalogue. However the 1971 and later catalogues show a 514 orange railroad crane - still having the 2 cranks of the 514. So my conclusion is that the orange crane 023 was available 1971 and later.

as above, orange boom and cabin - spring suspended and anchor hook.

and for sure without cranks

Special edition "rear is front" on the right side. They simply mixed up parts - and punched them accordingly. at least the green crane was delivered with these palettes or this tub

An un-punched tin plate of front and rear sides of the orange crane. Same size as the above shown. and again: Crane house BLUE - 2.3.55 (MAR-02-1955) misprinted
023 misprint
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