Tracks and accessories


017 Engine Shed

023 Railroad crane


002 - straight track, 15 cm - the 2nd through 5th track show different printing underneath:

  • Made in Germany stamped onto a tile

  • Made in U.S. Zone Germany lithographed onto both sides of the tracks

  • Made in Western Germany lithographed onto one side of the track

  • Made in Western Germany lithographed onto both sides of the tracks



track set 6002 German track set 6002 Italian
Blister-Gleispackung 900 Lire für das Set

Straight track showing a hole in the middle - produced to serve the engine shed.


old track-box - contents 12 straight track

old track-box - contents 50 straight track


the label of the 2nd Version track-box - contents 25 straight track

the box and label of the 2nd Version track-box - contents 50 straight track

quite interesting that on the 2nd Version boxes both parts are the same


002-5  - straight track, half seize, 8,5 cm

the reinforcement tin either dark-grey or black

003 - turning frame - the original, the model and the old box

eigentlich für den 023er Kran

The old Box as of ???

004 - bumper / support, height 24 mm

004 and 014 sold by Obletter

014 - support, height 38 mm, New in 1966

015 - support, height 45 mm

018 - support, height 65 mm, New in 1966

016 - support, height 88 mm

The listed height of the supports is measured at the top of the track profile - and not referred to the wood or metal claw!!

 005 - shovel

 12 shovels in original box
 the shovel 1 dz. shovels here we are !!!

006 - road block

all to me known road blocks show a 1 mm hole at the outer ends ...

road block showing fixation holes

... through which a key ring could be inserted - to prevent the feet fall off. Additionally this here shown road block has buff painted feet - original, as stated by the owner. The price (-,50 DEM) indicates this one to be bought between 1949 and 1952.

incl. fixation ring buff painted
007 - foldable rail - inscription either both sides of the joints - or none
10 x gebogene Schiene


Blister-Gleispackung1000 Lire for this set

009 - curved track

box for 10 x 009 curved - what a strange no. of track.
Was it a Dealers box?
1st Version track-box - contents 12 and another box containing 3 dozen of curved track. Printings either Made in U.S. Zone Germany or Made in Western Germany onto only one side of the rail German Blister Set 6009 containing 6 rails - and showing a "6009" moulded into the plastic - the Italian version was sold for 1000 Lire - no extra stamp

a pair of switches 1. Version box 2nd generation boxn Okt der X. Generation label of the 2nd version box Blister-Set Z 4

010 - right hand switch, and 011 - left hand switch - in different grey shades and original boxes for a pair each. And a blister Set Z4.


012 - turn table - underneath either coloured or blank

024 - Rerailing ramp Made by Fleischmann - but fits perfect for Biller

Weichen Original box soöld by FCW original box as used for turntables

the re-railing ramp

turntable with yellow levers levers in detail
blue turntable with yellow levers - I had some doubts - but it appears to be genuine. who really would paint the levers afterwards in such a professional manner?? !!
019 - Clockwork key - I got the number from an invoice dated October 31, 1968 - signed by the boss himself. The big key was for the locomotives, excavators etc. The 4th from the left was used in the locomotive shed. There was a smaller "Bühler" herringbone key for the racing cars and the FIGURO. The small Biller key came with the 050 Boxers from Canada. So far only known on 115 helicopters, 100 Trans World Flyer or the 745 excavator - and rigidly attached to these toys.

020 little bag with coal and plastic tub and plastic SHELL Oil can

021 - Road / level crossing - produced by FALLER - novelty 1965

plastic tub, oil can and bag of coal Oil can by Shell

level X-ing in box Blister set level X-ing

 022 - straight track with signal, New in 1966,

ready to be installed

the ancient Signal Box

and in a more modern counter display box

box containing 5 signals

the signal


blistered signal

offered 2006 by a German Auctioneer

different colouring on the back-side

... and different track-


Ausstanzung an der Schiene

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